Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Killing Lincoln: Book Review

Killing Lincoln
By Bill O' Reilly
and Martin Dugard

Our book club selected to read, Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly for the month of February. Our book club stays in their comfort zone, and tends to read women's fiction, or suspense, not usually history.

This is the first book I read by Bill O'Reilly. I did not realize he was a history teacher.  He's background improves he's credibility.

I am glad we went out of the comfort zone, and read something different. I wish we would read a few other non-fiction.   We have not selected any books for the upcoming months, lets see what is brought to the table on Monday.

Killing Lincoln, is about the plot to attempt to kidnap, and later to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln,  and the conspiracy, and the plot to overthrow the U. S. government.

 The entire book you felt like you were reading a mystery, it felt like you were reading fiction.   It was light reading, not heavy on the scholarly side. This book is good for the average reader. I felt like I reading a newspaper article.

I thought I knew about the Assassination of Lincoln, and the assasin, John Wilkes Booth. I was surprised what also surfaced. I am not a history buff on the Civil War, and Lincoln, and the conspiracy, I can't tell you if it is historically accurate.

 The Killing of Lincoln, starts at the end of the Civil War and continues with the assassination of President Lincoln, and ends with the capture of John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators.

On April 14th, 1865 at 10:15 PM at the Ford Theatre in Washington D. C.  President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth.  John Wilkes Booth was a actor and a confederate sympathizer. He despised the Yankees, and was planning on kidnapping Lincoln.  But, once the Civil War ended he's plans changed.

He had a group of men, other conspirators at the same time, he was planning on plotting to assassinate the president, he was plotting with others to help sabatoge the government and plot to kill V.P. Johnson, and State Secretary Seward.

 Luckily the other conspirators were unable to carry out the hideous crimes.  In the plan they were plotting to murder Grant, luckily he was going out of town.

One other conspirator, was a woman by the name of  Mary Surratt, she owned a boarding house in Washington, D. C.. Booth repeately came to her home to see her son. To help plot the assassination and use Mary's home to store ammunition and weapons.

  She is the first women to hang.  If you are interested you can rent the movie, the Conspirator. The movie is about Mary Surratt.

I remember when I was going to school, learning about Lincoln's assassination. All, I remember was JWB assassinated President Lincoln.

 I don't recall my history teacher talking about conspiracy, and the other men involved.  Killing Lincoln, gave me a new understanding what the feeling was between the country and the north and the south right after the Civil War.

The country was split between the north and the south after the war. They needed to unify the country. There was such hatred after the war.  It was a time to mend fences.

 I think, if it was not for Lincoln's assassination this would not have happened. The country after he's assassination became unified. This reminded me of what happened after the tragedy, of 9/11. Tragedy brings unification and mends fences.  Perhaps this is why Bill O'Reilly wrote Killing Lincoln.

I will be posting after the book club.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's Incident: Bad Experience at Books A Million

Books-A-Million, is one of my least favorite bookstores. It is very coporate, all business, the employees don't seem they want to be there, aren't  book readers, the store does not have the comfy oversized chairs, etc, the set up of the coffee shop is not homey like Barnes and Noble.

The BN in Myrtle Beach, care about their customers, know their merchandise, are book readers, like the set up of their cafe, and the store itself.

I know most of you are independent bookstore supporters. But, because I no longer live in N.J. where there is a  abundent number of bookstore.  In Myrtle Beach, SC. there aren't many indenpendent book stores.  Only Books A Million( which I detest), and Barnes and Noble. Not many book stores to pick and choose in a small tourist town.

I decided I had a bad day at work, I wanted to go to the mall. I was looking for slipcovers for my pillows. Could not find anything. So, instead I side tracked into Books-A-Million.

Anyway, like all of bibliophiles, and book bloggers, and lover of all things books. I finally selected my purchase,  Gone With The Wind, and Running the Rift.

 I was waiting in line to make my purchases. Then I was asked if I would like to buy a discount card from Books A Million. My answer was NO, and I thought that was the end of that.

But, than the cashier, proceeded to ask me, why not.  Most people would leave it as that and end the transaction.  Not this crazy cashier, he wanted a answer. Well, he does not know I am a book blogger, and I probably know more about the publishing world than he does, with all the research and reading I do about publishing and books. He was not ready for my answer.

I told him with hard covers coming out, and paperbacks coming out in 6 months, why? oh why? would I pay the same price for a digital book. When I know I can get a paper back for less than the digital book? When Books A Million will come out with a discount for a digital book than I would think about it.

He's answer is, That is not going to happen.   He kept going on, and on. I was not trying out for the debating team.   I just wanted to crawl under a rock, I was totally embarrassed why this employee wanted to argue about this.

 Now, there were customers waiting, the line was getting longer and longer. I just wanted him to stop pressing the issue, and finish and let me leave. It was quite embarrassing. I don't know if he was just trying to impress the other customers on the benefit of the card since I told him my view.

Nobody should force someone's views on someone else, and that was what he was doing. For peat sake, I am the customer.  He is waiting on me, not visa versa.

Next time, if I go into the store, and I am singled out again like that I will speak to the manager. There was no reason, to embarrass me, a customer. 

 I would rather go to BN, where I have been going there for years since I moved down here. They all know me in there, and treat me, with respect.   But, now that I live farther away, working 40 hour week,  with gas prices what they are and a 30 minute drive, I can only afford going down there every few weeks.

Just because he wanted to know why?  I did not want to buy  a Books A Million membership card.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baker's Daughter: Launch Day

Today is the day for the launch of Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy. I absolutely loved this novel. You can read my review here.

I don't usually do this, but for Baker's Daughter which I loved. I can't RAVE enough about it.  

 Sarah, has a website, and a blog that is wonderful to read.  She is having a launch party, today on 1/24 on goodreads at 2PM, with another author Jael McHenry.

Jael McHenry is the author, of Kitchen Daughter  Also a great read from last year. You can see my review here and recap of best books of 2011.

Y'all should check it out, she will be giving away some prizes, and a few of her books.  You can also follow Sarah at twitter, and tell her that Susan at Seaside Book Corner sent you.

Congrats, Sarah, or as we say in hebrew Mazel Tov!!! You are awesome writer and I will be spreading the word everywhere, for anyone to hear me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Readalong: GWTW Update

Susan | 4 comments Ok, now that I finished, chapter 1-7 of the read a long, I can now put my comments to paper, or in the blogger world, digital paper.  I have never read, Gone With the Wind before. I have seen the movie several times, considered my favorite of all time with Wizard of Oz.

The book is much better than the movie of course. It fills the historical holes I did not understand. It also enriched the book about the family history. Scarlet's father was a poor Irish immigrant, and made he's fortune coming to the United States.
 It never made sense why he did not have the southern manners, this explains it.

What she sees in Ashley I don't know. What a whimp. Both Ashley and Melanie deserve each other. They seem to be so emotional, and sugar and sweetness.
 Scarlet, is opposite, self centered,  compusive, and arrogant, she did not like books, and intellectual conversation bored her, especially politics, and the war.
Why throw yourself at him. This seems so totally out of character for Scarlet. She knew darn well, he was interested in marrying Melanie. The entire family knew that they marry cousins. Why fight it. I guess it was to prove she can change his mind and win, and her stubborness, and being a rebel.
She thought with her looks, she could win him over, and get her way. Was she just trying to prove something. Maybe she was not in love with Ashley, anyway.

She was looking for emotional suicide, I guess. I think I would have swallowed my pride, and went on to the next man.

I was shocked to find out that she became pregnant with Charles baby, her first marriage. Well, I will have to see how that plays out. If that makes a better story as a mother early on, or later. 
One of the other members felt maybe she was experiencing postpartum depression. Come now, she was mean and self centered before, maybe a little more emotional after the baby. But, she did not care about her son.  She was bad, bad, bad to the bone with or without post partum depression.

I was surprised with the ages. Could not believe Scarlet was 16, in the movie she looked like she was in her 20's.
Thank you for hosting, Kate at  Literary Explorations, I am enjoying discussing as we read, very different than a book club.

Now on to chapter 8.

Friday, January 13, 2012

You Have To Read: Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy

Baker's Daughter
By Sarah McCoy

The Baker's Daughter, takes place in Hitler's Germany with  Elsie Schmidt, a 17 years old, and her family. They own a bakery shop.

 At the same time we are introduced to Reba, a journalist in present day El Paso Texas.   She has a boyfriend a Border Patrol Officer, Ricki.

 She is asked by her editor, to get a heart warming story from the German Bakery in town. Reba tries to get the story from the owner, Elsie. But the owner is hesitant to tell the story. Instead Reba talks to her daughter, Jane.

 Reba is not happy with the story, and continually comes back hoping to break the story. But, what develops is a friendship between Elsie, Jane and Reba.

The story goes back and forth in time. Reba realizes that there is not a happy heart warming story in Germany in 1945.

In Germany, in 1945, things were tough during the war. There is a incident that I will not disclose, you will just have to read it yourself. But, what I will tell you is Elsie accepts a proposal from her Nazi boyfriend., Josef. at a party both of them attend.

During the party, she hears a beautiful voice singing, by a Jewish boy named Tobias.  Josef takes Elsie home, and she eventually meets Tobias, at her families bakery doorstep.  She decides to hide him. This has proves to be a bad choice for Elsie, but heart and guilt can't allow him on the streets of Germany.

Elsie's sister, Hazel  became involved with the Lebensborn Program in Germany. The Lesbensborn program was initiated because the German government believed the German population was decreasing. They wanted a a pure, Aryan race., blond hair, blue eyes.

Hazel, becomes involved with this program, at the time it was the right decision for most German women helping the fatherland. But, later on after the war, most women are sorry they were involved.   She had a few children from a soldier she did not know. They were raised without their mother, in a home and strangers taught them the German way, they were indoctrinated, with strict rules how to be a '"Good German".
If you want to learn more about this, you can see the link above, it is a sad part of German history.

 Reba, and her boyfriend Ricki and her early childhood intertwines into the story  .The book seemed to parallel lives of each of their pasts. Your past, it will come to catch up with you, and haunt you until you learn to deal, and face, and do something to change it.

I want to warn you, that the copy I received was hard to read, it was a galley, and many misprints. I may not give the book the totally justice it deserves. But, I wrote, to the publisher and she told me she will send me a hard copy. As soon as the hard copy comes, I will do a update on my blog with Baker's Wife.

My Review:  I saw this novel, on Goodreads and, it was recommended by Chris Bohjalian, one of my favorite authors. I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. I saw that Edelweiss was looking for reviewers. I was so excited. But, now that I finished reading it, I have to shout and spread the word. 

This is a novel, that kept me engrossed.   A book that you don't want any interruptions. It kept the midnight oil burning, and you don't want to stop reading no matter what needs to be done, like work, housework, family, life, etc.

After reading a couple of dud in the last few weeks. I was happy to find Baker's Daughter. I don't know if I will find anything that lives up to this one.  

The writing style, and prose was so beautifully written for example.
It hadn't taken long for their butter and sugar to come together outside the mixing bowl. For their love to mix together.
 I thought her story was creativity, and unique. To use a story in Germany, and in present day America, was so different.  I was getting annoyed, at times, because the author would switch back and forth, with the different characters, and then build up the momentum.  But, I realized that this made you keep flipping the pages, to know what happens.  This is a technique by some authors, that can be overused. But, it fit right with this story, to keep flipping the pages. 

I loved how the author wrapped up the story and wrote the conclusion. The story was rich in historical detail.   I liked that each chapter had dates, and places at the top of each chapter.  Also what was interesting was the U. S. Border Patrol's job, and what their job entailed, and the story line of the illegals coming into the country.  

The beginning of the novel,  we enter the Bakery in El Paso, Tx.  I think, the bakery was a important part of the story. I felt that the bakery was character.  I loves books, that place becomes the character as well.

The sites, smells of the bakery was delectable, and I wanted to eat it up in the novel. If I could take it out of the pages and transport it while I was reading I would.  Included in the back of the book was the recipes of the delectable, German pastries.  Sounds so fattening. 

The only thing missing, I thought, it would be nice to have detail of the historical events on about the Lebensborn program, and some historical background on illegals from Mexico coming into this country.  Myself, I did not know about this, it would be nice to have it  added at the end of the book.  

 The author used many parallel situations, comparing their situations.

Since I have always been a honest book blogger to my readers. The only part I have a problem with. It may just be me.  I am sensitive to a story line like this because I am Jewish. The author seemed to try to  compare the Holocaust to the illegals crossing the border from Mexico to Texas.

  You can't compare the atrocity of the Nazi's to the Border Patrol's job.  The U. S Border Patrol's, job is to  make sure illegal and destructive activities did not take a foothold in the United States. 

The Border patrol are there to protect people and our borders, and laws are imposed to prevent illegal drugs, criminals and terrorists trying to cross our borders.  During the Holocaust, the third reich were there to kill anyone that was not of Aryan race. 

If anyone would like to comment about this part of the novel, I would like to know if you thought the same. If anyone is a Jewish book blogger especially.   I don't mean to offend anyone. But, this is my blog, and my thoughts and my interpretation of Baker's Daughter.

 A interview with Sarah, and both of my favorite writers, Lisa See and Chris Bohjalian is written here.  This is a interesting interview about the research, and the paralel lines of the story.

 I don't think any novel, that I read this year, will live up to this one. 

Gone with the Wind Read a Long

This month, I am doing something totally different. I have joined a Readalong with Kate@ Literary Explorations. For the month of January we are reading Gone With the Wind, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the release of Margaret Mitchell's novel. 

I have wanted to read Gone with the Wind too many years too count. But, unfortunately other books got in the way of reading.   I have seen Gone with the Wind several times. But, always wanted to read the book.   Unfortunately, I have seen it too many times, like every movie that is released after you see the book, I know what is going to happen. If I am going to see a movie adaption of the book, I either read the book first, or I don't read it at all, because I know what the conclusion is. 

I decided anyway that I am going to join the read along. So far, though the book is not exactly following the movie. In the movie, it never explained the history of Tara, how it came to be. I am learning about the empty holes, and the history of Tara, and her Scarlett's heritage.

The book does follow her self centered life. I don't care about the war, You boys, stop talking about war, war, war or I am going to.....

Unfortunately, I think the read along is going to affect my book reviews for this month. I am going to see if I can possibly fit a couple of reviews in, but can't promise anything.  

You can go to Literary Explorations hosted by Kate if you are interested in joining in. The actual discussion questions are on Goodreads.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ady An Yi Xuan Beautiful Girl

Ady An Yi Xuan Beautiful Girl

Ady An Yi Xuan Chinese Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Ady An Yi Xuan Beautiful Girl Photo

Ady An Yi Xuan Chinese Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Ady An Yi Xuan Beautiful Girl Picture

Ady An Yi Xuan Chinese Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Ady An Yi Xuan Beautiful Girl Wallpaper

Ady An Yi Xuan Chinese Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl Photo

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl Picture

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl Wallpaper

Fan Bingbing Beautiful Girl, Actress, Model, Idol, Celebrity.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

World Book Night 2012

To All Fellow Bloggers,and followers of my Book Blog of Seaside Book Corner. Y'all need to check out this awesome event. 

The first World Book Night was held last year in the United Kingdom. There was such enthusiasm, that the hosts of this event decided to hold it again, and include the United States.
The World Book Night, is a response to promote reading in your community, that would not other wise have a book in their hand.

This is such a great idea, the idea is to get non-readers and light readers, and people in our communities that are less fortunate. To give them a book. It is geared to teens as well as adults.
It is also to promote people, that would not normally enter a library or a book store.

There are 30 books on the list that have been chosen to give a way. They have been donated by authors, publishers, other people in the book industry.  The books will be specially made for this event. For more information, and how to participate go to World Book Night sight here.

The books I picked  are:
Namesake by Jhumpa Lahita
Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

The day was picked on April 23rd is International Day of the Book, chosen in honor of Shakespeare and Cervantes who both died on this day. It is also Shakespeare's birthday.

I am so excited about this event, this is a awesome way I can promote, my passion and love of reading to others that would not otherwise have a book in their hand. This could be busy mothers that don't have time to go to the library, to the busy executive, or the poor homeless person that doesn't have transportation to the library.

As far back as I can remember, I always had my nose glued to a book. That has not changed. Even if I am not picked as a giver, I still think this is a awesome event.  Y'all who have the same passion of reading, check out the World Book Night sight, and check out the awesome list of books they are giving away.

Happy Reading!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Judging The Book By It's Cover: Kitchen Daughter

Which Cover do you prefer? The hardcover or the soft cover?
I prefer the hard cover book on the left. This is the cover that drew me in at first glance of the book. I understand why the change. Book covers can make the book or not.  I think the first cover is much more mysterious. The second one, since I read it is decieving. The daughter is not a young child. I don't get the cover. In my view it should have been a young women, not a young child messing with the pots. But, who am I just a blogger. We bloggers, are much more interested in what is inside the pages rather, than a book jacket artist cover. Or are we? I just wonder who judges the cover and who has the final say so. 


The paper back version a courtesy copy from Ayelet of Simon and Schuester. Thank you so much for the paper back version. I was curious to find out, if they would keep the art work of the hard back or not. I was hoping they would leave it alone. If they want a bloggers take.
This is my only criticism, is the cover.

The Kitchen Daughter, when the story opens Ginny's parents just pass away. Her sister, and the family come home to the funeral. Ginny is different she doesn't do well in social situations.She doesn't like to be touched by others. Ginny doesn't feel comfortable after the funeral with the relatives and friends visiting. The relatives, are interferring and her sister Ginny is domineering.

After they leave it is just her sister, Amanda and her left in the house. Amanda has family of her own, and lives a distance from Ginny.

Her sister doesn't feel comfortable with Ginny left in the house by herself. Ginny has Asperger's Syndrome. But, we learn later in the story, she was not diagnosed, it was just suspected.

As anxiety starts to take over, Ginny decides she is going to stir up some recipes. Each time she makes recipes from her dead relatives their spirits come to her. As soon as the smells disappear the spirits disappear.

My Thoughts: I am not going to ruin the rest of the story. First off I loved the book cover. That got me from the start. Isn't it unique?

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the story. It reminded me of another book, The Sadness of Lemon Cake. That one I could not relate to. This one I did. I just enjoyed reading about the spirits coming forth. It worked with the book.

The only person that Ginny relates to is Gert, she is a Jewish woman that has taken care of the house since Ginny was little. Gert asks Ginny to come with her to help set up a "shiva meal". She wants Ginny to help her with the cooking. Ginny agrees. This worked in the story, in Judiasm, there is lots of mysticm in our traditions. This worked for the story with the recipes stirred up the relatives.

There is a mystery that goes along with the story as well. This caused me to keep turning the pages. Even though if you are not a great fan in the spirits, or even cooking this was a lovely story.

Mixed into the story was the acceptance of her sister having Asperger's, letting her live on her own. Ginny's parent's never let Ginny out of their sight, never let her become independent. Her sister, Amanda did not trust her living alone.

I enjoyed reading Kitchen's Daughter, this is a awesome summer read. If you have a chance pick up a copy.

Book Review: Bean Tree by Barbara Kingslover

The Bean Tree
By Barbara Kingslover

My own copy

The Bean Tree,  is the story about Taylor. She is raised by her single mother. She thinks the world of her daughter and is glad, that she traded her husband for her.

Taylor doesn't want to be like the other teen age girls in the rural town of Kentucky, barefoot and pregnant at the age of 16. 
Instead she chooses a different route, with her mother's encouragement, she gets a job in a hospital as a lab technician for 5 years. Until she buys herself a old dilapidated, old 1955, VW Bug, then she decides she wants to leave, and find her roots in Oklahoma, where her grandfather's roots are from, Cherokee blood. 

She arrives in Oklahoma, and her car breaks down. While, there she is left with a Cherokee child, in her care. Which is ironic. Since, that was the reason she left Kentucky. Not be saddled with a child to begin with.  She leaves Oklahoma, after the car is repaired with her new charge,  named" Turtle", toward Arizona.

She arrives at a old tire shop, called Jesus is Lord Tire Shop. The tire shop owner named Mattie, she befriends and turns out that she runs a "Safe house for illegals". She becomes friends with a couple, named Estevan and Esperanza. They are illegals, from South America. They were forced to leave because of political tyranny. 

Esperanza, has a void in her heart because she had to leave her daughter behind.  She becomes very attached to Turtle. 

In the meantime, Taylor becomes friendly with another fellow Kentuckian, LouAnn.
She just had a child, Ray.  Her husband, a Mexican has left her. 

 LouAnn is a quiet, subdued young woman, she doesn't have confidence in herself. 
Where as Taylor, is rebellious and upfront, and opinionated. They both decide it would be a good idea financially to live together.  

Spoiler-Don't read any further if you plan to read The Bean Tree.

Turtle, is observed by LouAnn, and a few friends think something is wrong with Turtle. 
She does talk, and very slow. It is slowly revealed that possible she was abused, sexual, and physically. Taylor takes Turtle to the doctor and reveals she is not 2, but actually 3 years old. There is a diagnosis" Failure to Thrive". This is due to poor nutrition, and poor interaction with people.  But, because of Taylor's care and concern she eventually comes out of it. 

LouAnn finally starts taking a stand for herself and gets a job at a Salsa Company. She becomes her own person, and learns to become self reliant, and independent. She develops a friendship that develops, and possible will blossom to something more, LouAnn hopes.

 Taylor has to take Turtle to the physician because of a incident. Here she eventually is exposed. The social worker in Arizona find out. She has two options search out Turtle's true parents, and ask her to be adopted by her, and give her up to be taken in foster care.  

The other, is Estevan and Esperanza have to leave Mattie's Safe House. Taylor at the same time has to go back to Oklahoma to search for Turtle's parents, she takes Esperanza and Estefan with her.  

My Thoughts:  I have been wanting to read, The Bean Trees for a very long time. It has been on my pile of books for years. Finally by my recommendation we are reading The Bean Trees for our book club.  This is my first book I am posting for the new year of 2012.  It is going on both of my challenges that I am participating in.  Where are You Reading 2012, and Southern Fiction Challenge.

I am glad I read this novel, it was very different kind of book that I am used to reading. It was a breath of fresh air. It was at times sad, but uplifting at the same time. The author, knew how to combine the two to not make this not a depressing novel. She does make a stand, with her issues of illegal immigration, feminism, sexual and physical abuse and harassment, ecology, vegetarianism, and her science education, and Kentucky roots.  But, she does not make it, so overpowering obvious.

The novel, was written over 20 years ago.   Oops! This age me. 

  The book reminded me of living in the 1960's. I got the feeling of a hippie age, beatnik, take a stand, revolution. You remember the Beatles song, REVOLUTION? That song kept popping in my head, while I was reading The Bean Trees. This would have been a perfect book, for college students during the 1960's. With lots of social issues.

  Motherhood, and community, was the large theme.  what is the definition of  a traditional family? What makes up a family? Several places in the book, I saw what Kingslover was trying to connect. 

I l enjoyed the metaphors, similarities, comparisons, and symbols. Now, that I am out of school, I noticed the literary tools we used to have to find in our English classes. Isn't funny, that I notice it now, rather than years ago in English class some eons ago.

The part of the story that sticks out is the description of the Bean tree, and how it thrives.

The Title, of The Bean Tree, came from the description of the similarities of the Bean. The Bean  needs to thrive from bacteria to make it grow. This is the same for friends and family allowing you to mature, physically and psychologically with emotional support. I loved this explanation.   This is the author's science knowledge comes shining through.

My next post will be the book club reaction to the Bean Tree in a few days.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by. If anyone has read The Bean Tree I would love to hear what your thoughts were.

Where Are You Reading 2012 Challenge

This year, 2012 I am entering a challenging"Challenge". You ask, what do you mean? Because I am computer challenged, I entered a challenge that I could not last year. Because of the poor computer skills.  It was Where Are You Reading 2011.

But this year, 2012 I decided I am going to challenge myself. It is not so much the books. But, to set up google maps. It is such a neat idea, I just had to do it this year. No matter how challenging it is. I forced myself to figure it out. I am 3/4 there already. It took me a entire day to figure it out.

The only thing, I have not yet figured out, is how to link up the blog post to the pix on the map. I did a google search, but nothing popped out.  It is not terribly important, because I could leave with that until the end. Then figure it out. If any one can help me, I would appreciate it.

I am excited to start. It is your own literary journey for the year. I have wanted to read books that center not so much on the east coast, because it seems that is mostly where I read. I would like to read books that are on the west coast, and the middle states. I find most of my reading is where I am from the East coast. I don't know, if it is where most of the authors are from, or it's the publishing houses.

My first post, is going to be from Ky, I just finished reading Barbara Kingslover's novel, The Bean Tree. My post will come up today. If you would like to participate in the challenge, Where are you Reading 2012, just go over and pop in, and visit Sheila, at Book Journey.

                                 Happy New Year 2012 to all my readers, and fellow bloggers.
                                                To good health, peace, and happiness to all.
                                                   Hope we all have a great year in books.